Welcome to Indonesia Goes Frankfurt

On Tuesday evening, the Lontar Foundation in collaboration with Cemara 6 Gallery held a discussion on Indonesia’s role as Honorary Guest at the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair. Indonesian writers and publishers.

Present at the Frankfurt Book Fair: Jürgen Boos (President), Claudia Kaiser (Vice President Business Development), and Simone Bühler (Head of Guest of Honor Program). From the national committee – Ministry of National Education: Mr. Agus Maryono. Host, Prof. Toeti Herati Noerhadi, who is the founder of Cemara 6 Gallery, also participated. Among the writers, poets and writers who came, there were Putu Oka Sukanta, Laksmi Pamuntjak, Martin Aleida, Ahmad Fuadi, Agustinus Wibowo, Marina Novianti, Eliza V. Handayani, etc. From the Lontar Foundation, there was John McGlynn (who was also the organizer and guide of the discussion), Kestity Pringgoharjono, and Wikan Satriati. As for the Goethe-Institut: Christel Mahnke and Dewi Noviami. There are also publishers who participated in the event.

The discussion and conversation began after everyone in the audience introduced themselves. The topic discussed was very interesting. Jürgen Boos, president of the Frankfurt Book Fair, raised an important question: “What makes Indonesian writing and poetry” Indonesian “?” What makes prose and poetry from Indonesia Indonesian? How does the tradition of various ethnic and ethnic groups in Indonesia affect Indonesian literature? “Claudia Kaiser raises another question: what is the pattern of the relationship between authors and publishers in Indonesia? How can the work of an author be published? What about self-publishing, digital publishing? As for Simone Bühler, the Guest of Honor Team Leader, wanted to know about how to approach literature in Indonesia: how to define Indonesian literature with the influence of oral traditions that are so strong? How do Indonesian authors live and turn on literature in the country? What makes prose and poetry from Indonesia Indonesian? The important questions above provoked very rich and interesting discussion and pitched ideas from the audience. Moreover, those who spoke came from various generations: from the generation of the Dutch colonial era who was already 80 years old, to the generation of young writers who were in their 20-30s. The Chairperson of the Indonesian National Commission preparing for Frankfurt 2015, Mr. Agus Maryono, was also present to give an enthusiastic welcome to the occasion.

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