HP DesignJet Plotter Repairs – Making the Choice of Best Agency

Printing complicated designs and large sized graphic images has been made easier with the range of large format printers called plotters. The name ‘plotter’ has stuck because the method of actual printing is through a pen like device that sprays the ink as per the print command received from the computer where the design has been created or stored. Plotters have virtually become indispensable office equipment for many professions, but in particular, building designers and architects depend largely on the plotters for regularly printing their drawings, layouts and building design graphic images. These customers will also fall back on HP DesignJet plotter repairs specialists to see that their plotters are kept up and running all the time.

More about Plotters

 At the broader level, the trade uses plotters of three distinct varieties; the drum type, pen type and the inkjet which is also sometimes referred to as designjet plotter. As the nomenclature would suggest, the drum type plotter has the paper moving along the circumference of the drum and the plotting pen just moves across the width or the height of the paper, and the length becomes immaterial. In the pen type, the pen moves and the paper remains fixed on a flat bed and in the third category, the inkjet type plotters are more like the inkjet printers with which everyone is familiar. These inkjet or designjet plotters have virtually no limitations in terms of the colour output, and the users of these plotters use them to print a large range of graphics and designs.

Repairs of the Machines

The moment you start using any office equipment, and if it gets extensively used, you are never far from calling an agency to handle breakdowns. HP DesignJet plotter repairs will also require you to have a regular agency to attend to your plotter on priority. Sydney CBD might have many such agencies, which can carry out HP plotter repairs. However, you cannot blindly choose any agency and hand over your expensive plotter. There has to be an organised way of choosing a reliable HP DesignJet plotter repairs agency to immediately attend to your call, send a technician and have the issue resolved. Gom

Trained Manpower and Availability of Spares also Important

When you are searching for the ideal agency for HP plotter repairs Sydney based, there will be many wanting to start an association with you. It falls on you as the customer to do a thorough exercise of separating the wheat from the chaff, and identify the best among the lot. As mentioned, such high end machines will require a fully trained and experienced technician.

The ideal HP DesignJet plotter repairs agency would have their staff trained directly from the HP Service Engineers so that they gain first-hand knowledge about the product. When the company launches new models, they would again give an orientation to the technicians on the improvements made and how the new generation machines are to be serviced. The repairs agency will also hold in their stock, the frequently used spares and components and also consumables. Make the right choice.

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